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Neale- Wade Former Students


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The Association (then known as the March Grammar School Old Boys Association) was founded in 1919.  In 2007, the Association made the decision to change its name to March Grammar and Neale-Wade Former Students Association, thus allowing former students of the Neale-Wade Community College (now Neale-Wade Academy) to be included. 
Membership is open to any former student of March Grammar School and the Neale-Wade Community College/Neale-Wade Academy, and any former student automatically becomes a member.   Membership is free.
However, since we do not have access to the records of the  Grammar/College/Academy, if you would like us to record your details so that we can advise you of future events, please contact the Secretary with your details.
The Association organise an Annual Reunion Dinner, which takes place shortly after Easter.  This is held at the Neale-Wade Academy.
The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held on the same evening as the Annual Reunion Dinner, and any member of the Association can attend and vote.  
The Association is a registered charity, except for the financial arrangements for the Annual Dinner; these are separate and not eligible for charity status.
In 1994/95, the Committee decided that they would like to mark the founding of the Grammar School in 1696 and launched the Tercentary Appeal.  The funds raised during the Appeal were subsequently transferred to a registered charitable trust, which is run by a board of Trustees.
The Trust administers the granting of bursaries each year to enable present Neale-Wade students to pursue a project or acquire equipment/expertise to further their chosen career.  
If you would like any further information, please contact the Secretary.

 There`s a grandeur in the spaces of the Fens,

There is colour in our glorious sunset skies,

There`s a sweetness and a promise in our scented Springtime earth,

And a richness in our harvest prize;

There is strength and steady purpose in the workers of the Fens,

Quiet courage, truth and manly hearts;

And the torch our fathers kindled in this school in ages past

Lights us onward all to play our parts.


Fenland, Fenland,

Windswept field and dyke,

Crowned with the sky`s sunlit arch.

We shall not fail you in work or in play

Onward, ever onward, March.


The Floreat

Schola sapientiae

Donat disciplinam

Mentis sanae corpori

Sano dat doctrinam.

Illa nautas edit bonos,

Civitati dat patronos

Reddit aequos mercatores,

Medicinae dat doctores.

Sic choro sonoro,

Vocate, clamate:

"Floreat, floreat, floreat Marcia!"


Quod si tantum proavi

Posteris dedere,

Nos et auctum possumus

Posteris praebere.

Sic seu vacamus otio,

Seu fungimur negotio,

Almam Matrem veneremus

Diligenter conservemus

Laudando tutando,

Ut verna aeterna

Floreat, floreat, floreat Marcia!